Pratt & Lambert – Tonetic Stain

ToneticĀ® Interior Oil Wood Stains

Pratt & LambertĀ® ToneticĀ® Interior Oil Wood Stain highlights the natural beauty of wood on furniture, trim, cabinets, doors and floors. This fast drying formula maintains its color under sunlight and heat and penetrates deeply into the wood surface.


  • Highlights the natural beauty of wood
  • Deep penetrating action
  • Excellent color retention
  • Prevents grain raising


Size: Quart, 1 Gallon

Coverage: 500 sq ft / gallon

Finishes: Penetrating Stain

Application: Natural Bristle brush or lint-free rag, 3/8″ nap lambswool roller cover, airless spray, conventional spray

Dry Time: 30 min to touch, 4 hrs to recoat

Cleanup: Mineral spirits

Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Used on properly prepared:

Wood trim, paneling, doors, cabinets,furniture and floors